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More Accurate. More Insight. More Revenue.

PMMC enables revenue strategies for hospitals and health systems with the industry’s most integrated and accurate revenue cycle management platform

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The Most Accurate and Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Solution

Contract Negotiations

Negotiate more favorable payer contracts by modeling the net revenue impact

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Integrated Revenue Cycle Solution

A fully integrated revenue cycle management platform to drive improvement and maximize revenue

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Strategic Pricing

Set market competitive charges and predict net revenue impact

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Accuracy Drives Outcomes


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Whitepaper: The 4 Key Metrics for Contract Management

Applying metrics to your hospital contract management system is critical to maximizing reimbursement. Download this whitepaper to learn the four key metrics your hospital should be tracking.

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The PMMC Approach

Since 1986, PMMC‘s mission is to continuously improve the financial performance of healthcare organizations through high-value revenue cycle software and services. PMMC‘s roots are in consulting, but the company has evolved into a leading revenue cycle management software provider for hospital and physician contract management, contract modeling, strategic pricing, price transparency, and value-based reimbursement. PMMC‘s differentiator in the revenue cycle market is its calculation engine, which drives accurate reimbursement from all payers to the healthcare provider. This is at the core of all PMMC‘s solutions and is a key factor in the company‘s longevity and success.

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solutions

Our hospital clients see significant financial improvement by leveraging an integrated and accurate revenue strategy known as the Revenue Maturity Matrix across four key areas of the revenue cycle:

1. Contract Governance: Develop a reimbursement strategy with accurate contract governance (management) as the foundation.

2. Payer Negotiations & Strategic Pricing: Aggressively model payer contracts in real-time while leveraging the same platform for a competitive rate setting strategy and understand the impact on current contracts and net patient revenue.

3. Pricing Transparency: Deploy a successful patient engagement strategy for pricing transparency and consumerism by providing accurate patient estimates.

4. Value-Based Reimbursement: Provide a competitive advantage to our clients as the market shifts to alternate payment models and value-based care by incorporating current contract governance and risk assessment.

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More Resources For You

With over 30 years of experience, PMMC has unmatched expertise in the revenue cycle and provides forward-thinking strategies and insights for healthcare providers. Here's a few more resources to connect with us.

Featured Case Study

Rush Health Models Payer Contracts and Generates Millions in Revenue

Learn how Rush Health, an integrated health system, models all of its commercial payer contracts to improve negotiations.

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Featured Whitepaper

Analytics to Drive Payer Negotiations

This whitepaper is a guide for hospitals and health systems to improve payer contract negotiations through analytics and insight. Download it to learn how to improve your payer contract terms!

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New Partnership

Intermountain Healthcare Partners with PMMC for Price Transparency Strategy

Intermountain Healthcare, the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West, is partnering with PMMC to improve the patient experience with a digital price transparency strategy.

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More Accurate. More Insight. More Revenue.

Learn how we can help your hospital develop an integrated revenue strategy!

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