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Maximize Revenue with Hospital Contract Management Solutions

Maximize revenue and get reimbursed for the care you provide with the most accurate hospital contract management system.

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The Most Accurate Contract Management Solution in the Industry

Backed by an industry leading 99 percent calculation accuracy rate, PMMC’s contract management system identifies the most critical payment variances, so your hospital gets paid quickly and accurately.

  • Maximize revenue by quickly identifying variances
  • Uncover the most critical underpayments and denials trends
  • Calculate all hospital-oriented payer contracts including commercial, managed care, Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare.
  • Measure and manage payer performance and hold payers accountable according to the contract

4 Metrics of Contract Management

For healthcare providers struggling to generate consistent revenue growth, establishing a foundation of benchmark metrics for measuring the financial performance of your contract management system can be the difference in driving your bottom line.

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Identify Payment Variance Trends to Increase Collections

PMMC's contract management software allows healthcare providers to focus on true collectible variances (such as underpayments and denials) versus reoccurring process variances.

Having more time for payer communications leads to a more productive appeal process and increased collections.

Flexible Implementation and Dedicated Account Management

PMMC leads the market with implementation options that match your IT/IS Department requirements, staffing needs and installation preferences whether through a local installation approach on the hospital's network or a hosted solution to best suit the client’s needs.

Every hospital client receives a dedicated account manager, so your specific needs and priorities are always met.

Measure Payer Performance and Hold Payers Accountable

Contract management is more than just collecting underpayments and denials.

Healthcare providers need the ability to assess payer performance, identify trends, overturn rates, success rates, re-denial rates, dispute resolution time-frames, and more.

PMMC's contract management software / system provides healthcare providers with deep insights and analytics to hold payers accountable and make sure that they adhere to contract terms.


“We have been extremely impressed with the PMMC team in particular, their responsiveness and knowledge.“


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