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Revenue Cycle Management Software

PMMC‘s revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions for hospitals and health systems maximize revenue and increase productivity across the revenue cycle.

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HFMA Peer Reviewed

PMMC has earned the HFMA Peer Review designation for its contract management and patient estimation products and is the only healthcare revenue cycle software company to be Peer Reviewed for both products.


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The Most Accurate & Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Software Platform

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is perhaps the most critical function for hospitals and health systems to maintain strong finances and treat patients. Healthcare providers need a comprehensive revenue cycle strategy and often turn to revenue cycle management software companies to help manage their finances.

Traditionally, healthcare providers have operated in silos throughout the revenue cycle, but can find more success by adapting an integrated approach to drive revenue and efficiency.

PMMC offers a proven approach built on the most accurate revenue cycle software platform that enables hospitals and health systems to improve the bottom line, become more competitive in their market, and successfully transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement.

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Contract Governance for Revenue Cycle Management

A successful revenue cycle maturity strategy begins with contract governance, or contract management. This ensures that your hospital is being reimbursed accurately for all the services provided and identifies which claims are being underpaid or denied. Measuring payer performance and understanding how payers compare to one another is a critical component to contract governance.

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Payer Negotiations and Rate Setting for Revenue Cycle Management

After developing a basis for your revenue cycle strategy, the next step is to successfully negotiate favorable payer contracts and correctly set charges. After healthcare providers have established contract governance, this historical data can now be leveraged to aggressively model payer contracts in real-time while using the same platform to develop a competitive rate setting strategy and understanding the impact on their current contracts and net patient revenues.

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Price Transparency for Revenue Cycle Management

Once the charges are set in place, it's essential that your team utilizes the data insight from the same revenue cycle platform that drives contract governance, modeling and rate setting to deploy a successful patient engagement strategy for pricing transparency and consumerism. In healthcare today, this means giving patients the means to price shop for healthcare services.

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Value-Based Reimbursement for Revenue Cycle Management

In the final phase of revenue cycle maturity, the challenge is gaining a competitive advantage as the market shifts from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement and enabling healthcare providers to lead with a high value and high volume strategy by incorporating current contract governance and risk assessment.

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Improve Your Bottom Line with an Integrated Revenue Cycle Strategy

Break down the departmental silos within your healthcare organization by leveraging PMMC's proven approach known as the Revenue Maturity Matrix. This integrated revenue cycle model enables hospitals and healthcare systems to improve their bottom line and become more competitive in the market.Revenue Cycle Diagram - Hospital Revenue Maturity Matrix

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