PMMC's mission is to continuously improve the financial performance of healthcare organizations through high-value revenue cycle software and services. 

PMMC is consistently recognized as one of the leading revenue cycle companies for integrated healthcare delivery systems, acute care hospitals, critical access hospitals, academic physician organizations and multi-specialty physician groups.  Comprehensive services include:

Contract Management - As healthcare payer organizations negotiate increasingly complex reimbursement terms, providers must have accurate systems to model prospective contracts, audit reimbursement, track variances and quantify recovery results.  Accurate reimbursement calculations are the foundation.  PMMC’s precise reimbursement monitoring system empowers providers to negotiate better contracts, reduce denials, collect contractual underpayments and monitor payer contract performance. 

Patient Estimates – As high-deductible plans become increasingly prominent, providers are finding this to be one of the fastest growing areas of their revenue cycle.  Knowing what to collect is the first step in collecting it.  PMMC’s patient estimation system empowers providers with the knowledge of how much the patient will owe prior to the service.  Clear, concise estimates drive more efficient patient registration processes, increase pricing transparency, reduce patient bad debt, and increase upfront collections.

Chargemaster Review – While there is constant scrutiny of appropriate charges and collection practices, providers also have to balance rising expenses and relatively fixed payments. Strategic pricing helps ensure defensible yet optimum prices.  PMMC assists providers in restructuring their charge-pricing based on market rates, cost, rational relative values between codes and most importantly contractual reimbursement rates and terms to efficiently model the real impact on Net Revenue.