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RecoveryAI™: Unlock Unexpected Results

Collect revenue quicker while decreasing your cost to collect and increasing your staff engagement.

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Unlock Unexpected Results

Are you tired of playing the collections Lottery? And losing?   

We understand that for hospitals every dollar counts. Your key to unlock unexpected results is PMMC’s RecoveryAI™.   

  • Understandable Insights  
  • Save Time while Optimizing Operations  
  • Happier, More Productive Staff  
  • Guaranteed ROI  

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For healthcare providers struggling to generate consistent revenue growth, knowing which claims are the most collectable can make a real difference to your bottom line. Talk with a PMMC revenue cycle professional that can guide you to unlocking unexpected results for your hospital. 

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Understandable Insights with reporting

RecoveryAI™ is an advanced solution for hospitals looking to optimize their underpayment and denial outcomes. By leveraging the power of machine learning and analyzing hundreds of millions of transactions, RecoveryAI™ provides valuable insights that allow you to pivot your recovery to a more proactive approach. With its cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms, RecoveryAI™ gives you a proven level of visibility and control over your recovery process, enabling you to make informed decisions and achieve greater results.

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Save Time by Optimizing Operations

Do you know what your collectors are working on right now? Is it the most collectable claims?

Maximizing your collections efforts starts with focusing on the most collectible claims. That's where RecoveryAI™ comes in. With a simple, one-click score, it guides your team to quickly recover more dollars from underpayments and denials. Say goodbye to the guesswork and games - RecoveryAI™ provides the intelligence you need to work smarter, not harder.

With the ability to customize queues, you can ensure your limited staff is always working at the greatest efficiency.

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Happier, More Productive Staff

Staff Overwhelmed? Frustrating and Confusing Onboarding? Need for more staff? Sound familiar?

Help your staff be confident, productive, and impactful in gaining revenue while simplifying your onboarding and training. With an easy-to-follow process that is tailored to your current work processes and needs, RecoveryAI empowers your staff to collect quicker and with a lower overall cost of time and resources.

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Guaranteed ROI

While implementing RecoveryAI™, PMMC has significantly increased our Recovery Team’s productivity and collections rate.  


RecoveryAI™ has generated real-world results for our clients. 

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Need more than RecoveryAI™?  

PMMC’s Recovery Services can work in concert with your team or after your team of collectors to ensure no revenue is left behind.  


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