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Revenue Cycle Analytics

Gain Key Insights and Discover Trends with Revenue Cycle Analytics

Better manage AR, evaluate performance across all payers, and identify areas to increase net revenue.

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Accuracy Drives Insight

PMMC’s industry leading accuracy metrics converts data into instant insight across the revenue cycle.


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Gain Insight with Revenue Cycle Analytics

PMMC's revenue cycle analytics are designed to work through every level of your organization. Insights are delivered in a suite of reports that are tailored to different audiences, ranging from executives who need quick insights to analysts that can explore the data and perform root cause analysis. This gives you the power to identify and remove barriers to more revenue.

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Get Instant Insight into How AR is Performing

By using industry leading HFMA benchmarks, PMMC's revenue cycle analytics allows hospital executives to view a high level snapshot of the current state of their accounts receivable.

Continue drilling down into the data to see the details of how each facility within your system is performing and identify the cause of any revenue gaps such as denials, underpayments, and patient collections.
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Evaluate Each Payer's Performance to Identify the Greatest AR Opportunity

Gain a deeper understanding of how your payers are truly performing with customizable snapshots allowing you to see the opportunities by payer as well as each payer’s scorecard.

This tool provides quick insight into how many days it would take to recover your AR, what percentage of AR is over 90 days (by payer), and so much more.


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Explore Payer Denial Rates Over Time to Predict Trends

Always know where your payers stand by analyzing their denial rates and average underpayment amounts.

You can even glance through to see denial trends over time, enabling you to accurately forecast market trends.


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Gain Insight Into Patient Revenue Opportunities

With more price transparency regulations, providing out-of-pocket estimates is going to become increasingly important.

The Executive Insight dashboard clearly displays your point-of-service (POS) collection opportunity and how estimates are translating to patient revenue.

Take control of your AR today with revenue cycle analytics

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