PMMC began in 1986 with a core mission to assist healthcare providers in converting reimbursement and financial related issues into positive financial outcomes.  As the full-company name (Preferred Medical Marketing Corporation) implies, the initial consulting services were focused on market assessment studies and assisting hospitals with being the preferred healthcare provider in their market when negotiating contractual reimbursement arrangements with managed care (payor) organizations, and payor reimbursement negotiations.  As a natural extension to these consulting services, in 1991 PMMC was one of the first to market with expected reimbursement calculation software, or Contract Management software.

Trusted Partner
PMMC works closely with its clients to harness the power of data, analytics and project management for improved outcomes.  PMMC has maintained its focus on software and support services that relates to accurate reimbursement calculations that in turn generate significant financial improvements in the revenue cycle.  As a recognized Microsoft-Solutions Provider, PMMC systems are easy-to-install, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain for a productive, long-term partnerships with each client.

Better Data – Actionable Information
All PMMC products are designed for clients to easily view, manage and convert data into meaningful information. PMMC’s analytical approach to revenue cycle management drives improvements to each client’s bottom-line.   This approach is critical in today’s era of tightening margins, greater outside scrutiny and the need to do more with less.

Proven Outcomes PMMC Mission and Values
PMMC’s Mission is to continuously improve the financial performance of health care organizations through high-value Revenue Cycle Software and Services.  We measure our success through our client’s success.