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Contract Pro Client Testimonials

IU Health

“Our health system negotiates detailed contracts which provide challenges for loading into any contract management system. We made a decision to purchase PMMC several years ago due to space management and system performance issues that plagued the then-current contract system. We decided to house our data remotely with PMMC and have no regrets. Our support for loading contracts as well as upgrades and data manipulation has exceeded our expectations. They understand what our goals are for the organization and do everything in their power to partner with us to meet the timelines. They are always a phone call or email away.” Holly M. Bishop, Revenue Cycle Manager - IU Health

Memorial Healthcare System

"Thanks everyone for moving through this upgrade process so fast!" Doug Forman, ARM Technology Support Manager - Memorial Healthcare System

Johnston Health

“Johnston Health and PMMC have developed a close working relationship over the years with other revenue cycle projects such as Charge Master Adjustments and Medicare Transfer Account Reviews. We chose PMMC because of the past positive relationships and results. PMMC demonstrated they have good products in this area.” Eddie Klein, Interim CFO of Johnston Health

The MetroHealth System

“We found, in PMMC, reimbursement analysis tools that detect under- and over-payments more efficiently. Also, their managed care modeling capabilities are able to respond to renegotiation proposals accurately and timely...PMMC offers management tools for both hospital and physician contracts under one umbrella. The interconnectivity of systems and a combination of cost-effectiveness along with functionality and ease-of-use for end-users were the fundamental values that motivated us to select PMMC’s contract management services...Implementation of software such as this takes commitment on both sides of the table. With the roll-out of the new PMMC system at MetroHealth, I see that PMMC is committed in time and resources to creating a quality, usable product.” Glenn Sigel, Managed Care Contracting - The MetroHealth System

Maury Regional Medical Center

“As we looked for improved ways to identify and recover underpaid claims, our team explored a number of options. PMMC’s Contract Management Service quickly emerged as the ideal solution. PMMC offered the right balance with its proven contract management application, PMMC Contract PRO, and its consultive services.” Nick Swift, Chief Financial Officer - Maury Regional

Baptist Health System

Baptist Health decided to implement an estimation system to provide greater price transparency. Using this system, Baptist Health’s patients can effortlessly obtain a price estimate and understand their financial responsibilities prior to service. Just one month after implementation, Baptist Health achieved a record milestone in monthly POS collections.


Glens Falls Hospital

“Glens Falls Hospital uses a fully integrated denial management system to identify denied claims, but needed help calculating anticipated reimbursement. Industry leaders spoke highly of PMMC’s work with revenue cycle management. PMMC CONTRACT PRO was the right financial solution for Glens Falls. With the PMMC system in place, we now have the ability to net down their accounts receivable and determine actual reimbursement amounts.” Doug Barry, VP of Revenue Cycle Operations and Medical Data Services - Glens Falls Hospital


Adena Health System

"This is the 'be-all-end-all' of how we will analyze and manage rates. This is the only system that can give us the future state." Drew Hinty, Coordinator, Payer Relations & Contracting

Beaufort Memorial Hospital

"As the new Cost & Reimbursement Manager at Beaufort Memorial Hospital (BMH), I wanted give you some positive feedback on Scott Brinley's support.  I've worked with BMH for almost a month, following the position being vacant for quite some time.  As you can imagine I have a lot of catch up and clean up work to do; as well as, meeting new expectations from a new Director.  So far I feel very accomplished in such a short time....much of my success I can attribute directly to the excellent support of Scott Brinley.  He jumped in and answered questions, researched, demo'ed a product and worked on a server upgrade....in only three short weeks. Scott simultaneously worked on new contract load training while delving in to a new BMH effort to attempt denial management via PMMC CONTRACT PRO.  Additionally, Scott organized a demo of your Analyzer product, tested and produced a satisfactory Analyzer report for denial management, and at the same time, he has been working with our IT dept to upgrade our server. Scott is an excellent example of customer service as well as an expert in technical assistance.  Let me say I am a good gauge.  I worked in IS/IT for eight years and in the hospital environment for thirteen years.  I've been on the support side as well as on the customer side.  Scott is superb!"