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Estimator Pro Client Testimonials

Mt. Carmel Regional Medical Center

“By implementing PMMC ESTIMATOR PRO and providing patients with an understanding of their fiscal responsibility prior to a procedure, they are able to determine the best method of payment...Our team reviewed several vendors and found that the PMMC product demonstrated an efficient process; the screens were clear and concise. We placed high value on the integration between the estimator and eligibility software. Also, the workflow process between the registrars and the financial specialists will provide an avenue of communication that we have not had to date…We have been very impressed with the responsiveness of PMMC technical support; all our questions and concerns were addressed almost immediately. We have appreciated the exceptional customer service of Ryan Maloney, Terry McManus, and Chad Shields.” Dawn McNay, Revenue Cycle Director - Mt. Carmel Regional Medical Center

Indian River Medical Center

"Ultimately, we (IRMC) wanted to increase our upfront collections. We were doing the same thing (calculating patient estimates) manually, but we soon recognized that the addition of an automated system would save time and improve efficiency and allow us to more easily expand the effort from key outpatient areas to all areas of the hospital. Indian River Medical Center chose PMMC because it was a more efficient system than the manual work we were performing. Also, by documenting all of the entries in the system, PMMC ESTIMATOR PRO continuously develops a history of all the services that the hospital has provided to patients. It also helped that PMMC's references were impeccable." Sharon Mikesell, Director of Patient Access - Indian River Medical Center



Caldwell Memorial Hospital

"PMMC's willingness to expand the product to include financial counseling as well as the system's user friendliness sets PMMC apart from the competition." Beth Miller, Revenue Cycle Director - Caldwell Memorial Hospital

Conway Regional Medical Center

"Conway Regional launched PMMC ESTIMATOR PRO on June 1st and month-after-month we have seen collections steadily increase. The hospital set a goal of reaching $100,000 in monthly point-of-service collections. This goal was achieved in October and we exceeded it again in November. Conway Regional chose PMMC because we wanted to see an improvement in customer satisfaction that could also yeild an increase in cash flow for the facility - PMMC ESTIMATOR PRO delivers that solution!" Roy Nichols, Director of Patient Financial Services - Conway Regional Medical Center



Maury Regional Medical Center

"PMMC ESTIMATOR PRO was the easiest installation MRMC has ever experienced - it was a flawless implementation and the project was completed early and within budget. MRMC and PMMC have developed a true partnership ... I could not ask for a more responsive company." Rodney Adams, Pre-Service Manager - Maury Regional Medical Center

Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization

“The BWPO was excited about adding PMMC Physician PRO to our existing cache of revenue cycle resources. We have made substantial investments to enhance our front end processing to ensure that we collect and submit accurate and timely billing information to our third party payers. PMMC Physician PRO helps us on the back end of the claims process to confirm that we are reimbursed according to our agreements and helps us recover underpayments when they occur. In addition, we expect the PMMC Physician PRO system to greatly enhance our reporting capabilities.” Kevin Bargon, Revenue Manager - Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization



Memorial Health System

"Our customers feel better knowing what their services are going to cost them before they get the bill. We fell better too in terms of providing the most accurate financial picture available." Bernadette Lopez, Director of Pre-Services - Memorial Health System