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Physician Pro Client Testimonials

The MetroHealth System

“We found, in PMMC, reimbursement analysis tools that detect under- and over-payments more efficiently. Also, their managed care modeling capabilities are able to respond to renegotiation proposals accurately and timely...PMMC offers management tools for both hospital and physician contracts under one umbrella. The interconnectivity of systems and a combination of cost-effectiveness along with functionality and ease-of-use for end-users were the fundamental values that motivated us to select PMMC’s contract management services...Implementation of software such as this takes commitment on both sides of the table. With the roll-out of the new PMMC system at MetroHealth, I see that PMMC is committed in time and resources to creating a quality, usable product.” Glenn Sigel, Managed Care Contracting - The MetroHealth System


Lahey Clinic

“With the ever increasing challenges of understanding the uniqueness of each payer’s physician fee schedule payment methodology, Lahey Clinic felt the need to partner with a leader in the Physician Contract Management field to ensure the payments received for the professional services provided mirrored the contracts terms.  After looking at multiple vendors, Lahey Clinic Inc, decided to select PMMC.  Members of the selection team at Lahey Clinic, Inc. were very impressed with all aspects of the PMMC presentation.  PMMC’s staff was extremely knowledgeable about PMMC Physician PRO and provided an impressive demonstration to the benefits of the PMMC Physician PRO Product.  The ability of a large physician group practice, such as Lahey Clinic, Inc. to review their specific patient claims against the expected payer reimbursement, therefore ensuring the accuracy of the payments received, is critical.  In addition to optimizing professional revenue, PMMC Physician PRO will assist Lahey Clinic, Inc. with individual payer contract negotiations, as it provides the ability to model specific payer reimbursement rates against other payers.  This will provide much needed information with individual payer contract negotiations.” Michael Gill, Senior Vice President, Revenue Finance - Lahey Clinic


UAMS Faculty Group Practice

“We think using PMMC will help us to achieve several objectives, including recouping revenue that is being underpaid, responding more quickly to variances that the system identifies, and providing up-to-date analysis of contract profitability and payer performance. In addition, the system will provide a sense of security to the physicians in our group that we are actively pursuing proper reimbursement and that we are always seeking to improve our internal processes.” Dennis Morrow, Asst. Director of Contracts & Billing Systems - UAMS Faculty Group Practice


Rush Health Associates

“Ensuring the accuracy of payments from third party payers is critical; and being able to bring issues to the attention of payers before they become widespread problems reduces cost for everyone and helps avoid relationship issues. Our experience with PMMC and their hospital-based product and the flexibility and comprehensiveness of their physician product put PMMC ahead of other products.” Brent Estes, President and Chief Executive Officer - Rush Health Associates