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Newly Announced Chief Sales Officer Brings Extensive Healthcare Experience

Gil Sheek Joins PMMC as Chief Sales Officer

Charlotte, NC -- October 16, 2023



“A team is truly made up of individuals. Everyone knows that there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team,’ but do you really live and breathe that every day? I want to make sure that’s what we do for our clients and each other as a team.”



Gil Sheek joined the PMMC team last month as our new Chief Sales Officer. With over 30 years' experience Gil brings a vast knowledge of healthcare sales to his team. As the Vice President of Sales & National Accounts for PharMEDium Services LLC Gil was instrumental in helping the company grow, and at their height sold to AmerisourceBergen for over a billion dollars. Gil then transitioned to the Vice President of National Accounts at AmerisourceBergen and served them for the past 8 years. Gil is excited to dive in and bring his healthcare expertise to PMMC. Robby Shaul, PMMC President, shared he is "excited to welcome Gil, whose experience working with industry leading healthcare companies will further our capacity to provide exceptional support and enhance the outcomes of our valued clients!” 


After his success at growing companies both larger and small, Gil is thrilled to fulfill a crucial leadership position here at PMMC. As a true team player, he has enjoyed getting to meet the PMMC team and is excited about identifying their strengths and amplify them. Gil is ready to take the challenge head on and wear any hats needed to see PMMC grow. He is ready to fit in to the big picture of PMMC’s short- and long-term goals. A huge piece to the puzzle is helping clients grow in their organization and establishing themselves as leaders in the market and carrying that through all that he does on the day to day. Ethics and professionalism are also crucial values to Gil both personally and professionally, which ties in with his team-player mentality and goals for PMMC’s clients.

 Gil Sheek CSO PMMC 10.30.23


Gil’s teamwork belief ties into his work with clients as he focuses on working together to meet and exceed client’s goals. He is confident in his ability to listen, understand, and meet the individual needs of PMMC’s clients and potential clients. He believes in looking at the short-, mid- and long-term goals of clients and prospective clients to ensure success moving forward. Additionally, making sure that our clients are supported in a way that provides them with the resources they need to continue to be leaders in the field is a key component to Gil’s approach. Gil’s teamwork belief ties into his work with clients as he focuses on working together to meet and exceed client’s goals.


Gil credits many people as inspiration for his drive and passion for clients’ success. On the list are many of his prior mentors and senior leaders that previously mentored him. They helped shape Gil’s approach to leadership – that it all rests on being a team. This philosophy guides Gil’s leadership and he is excited to see the success of elevating the strong team and community here at PMMC.

 Gil Sheek CSO Announcement PMMC


As a winner of awards such as Overall Excellence and Overall Business Achievement and Manager of the Year multiple times at former organizations, what matters most to Gil is family. Gil is a Charlotte native who enjoys spending time with his wife and children experiencing all North Carolina has to offer - especially the water. An avid fisherman, Gil spends time in Oriental NC fishing on the river with his wife, Sandy, who might be able to out-fish him, his daughters, Carley and Brady, and his son Ben. Gil is a family man who makes sure to note that his three German Shepards, Cash, Cary and Scout are also a vital part of the Sheek family.


PMMC is excited to have Gil join our organization and are ready to share his successes! Curious about PMMC or interested in joining Gil’s team? Visit our careers page to learn more about PMMC opportunities!


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