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PMMC New Client Survey

PMMC to Gather Client Insights with New Quarterly Survey Initiative

Charlotte, NC -- April 8, 2024

Beginning in April through the second quarter of 2024,  PMMC is set to roll out a quick two-question survey when clients open their applications. This new initiative aims to harness valuable client insights to enhance product features and assist users in bolstering their financial outcomes. 
As PMMC’s products evolve, hearing from our clients is essential to elevating our services and helping them improve their bottom line. The survey, which will automatically appear once every quarter upon application launch, is designed to be minimally intrusive, yet maximally informative to PMMC’s improvement strategy.
We have learned from our current client surveys that no one is better equipped to provide feedback than our clients, who use our products every day. This new deployment of the survey will allow more frequent feedback to PMMC, reach new users of the applications, and provide organic and efficient interaction for clients.  Insights gathered from the survey will travel directly to the PMMC team, providing firsthand guidance on how to refine the applications and user experience.
PMMC's VP Operations, Stephen Summers, comments on the importance of this customer-centric approach, "Commitment to excellence is at the heart of what we do, and your insights are invaluable in this quest. Through this survey, we aim to fine-tune our solutions, guaranteeing they not only meet but exceed your expectations, fortifying your competitive edge in an ever-evolving marketplace." 
The announcement has already generated positive expectations among PMMC's clientele, who have long experienced the benefits of the company's productivity tools. With this new step towards engaging users in the development process, PMMC reiterates its commitment to client satisfaction and operational excellence. 
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