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PMMC Star of the Month

PMMC Recognizes Scott Soucy from Catholic Medical Center

Charlotte, NC -- December 18, 2023

Scott Soucy Part 2

Scott Soucy, Director, Managed Care Contracting, Catholic Medical Center


PMMC’s Star of the Month is a program to recognize our clients that go above and beyond. Our stars demonstrate PMMC’s core values and make an impact in their roles daily.   

We would like to congratulate Scott Soucy, Director, Managed Care Contracting, from Catholic Medical Center as PMMC’s Star of the Month!   

What is your role at CMC? 

Director, Managed Care Contracting for Catholic Medical Center. My primary responsibility is reimbursement contracting with payers for both our hospitals and physician practices. 

What do you like most about working for CMC? 

The culture and faith-based mission is a new experience for me, and it has been rewarding. CMC has a commitment to the health of their community. This commitment is demonstrated in multiple ways, but especially though our FQHCs and Healthcare for the Homeless program.   

What has been your experience working with PMMC? 

When I came aboard, we were only scratching the surface of the platform’s potential compared to the extent we were using it in prior years. This was due to a variety of reasons. We’ve had to go back to the basics and almost re-boot ourselves as a new client. PMMC has been willing to work with us in that capacity and dedicated resources to get us to the optimization level we were in years past. We’ve also been utilizing recent enhancements like the Power BI reporting platform.   

How has PMMC helped you in your role? 

The wealth of information, analytics and reimbursement modeling is critical to be successful in any role to make solid business decisions grounded in data. Without the insight to our data via PMMC, we’d essentially be flying blind in contract negotiations with payers.   

What is the most fulfilling part of your role? 

The ability to produce actionable, reliable data to key internal stakeholders, including the C-Suite, to support navigating through these tumultuous reimbursement times in the industry.   

What are your top initiatives for this year? 

We are gearing up for a couple of our most high-volume contract renewal periods to open. We’ll start producing modeling from PMMC to use in our upcoming discussions and negotiations.   

What does the PMMC team have to say about Scott? 

“Scott has been SO helpful! He has set up training promptly, met with the team on multiple occasions to get workflows set up, answered all of our questions and gone out of his way to assist the recovery team in getting up and running to find revenue for CMC. Every ounce of his time has been productive and efficient and greatly helped PMMC recovery take off” – Jena Seymore 

“We worked together to clearly outline the Denial Recovery Workflow process and Scott has been quick to return emails, schedule trainings and ensure the PMMC recovery team has everything they need” – Mary Castello 

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