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Know the Cost of Your Healthcare

CMS now requires General Hospital to publish our negotiated charges, but these charges are not reflective of what you will pay for your health care. Use our patient estimate tool for a personalized and accurate estimate of your actual out-of-pocket costs.

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Get Your Personalized Cost Estimate!

Get an accurate cost estimate for your procedure!

This is the most accurate cost estimate available for both technical and professional services and is personalized based on your health insurance plan.

Select your procedure, location, and even compare pricing for multiple services.

Please have your insurance information ready before you begin. 

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See How General Hospital Compares to the Market

General Hospital is committed to being transparent about how our charges compare relative to other healthcare providers in the market. 

To the left is General Hospital's charges by revenue code category. 

To see how General Hospital compares to the statewide average, both inpatient and outpatient standard charges are available for download.

See Comparative Inpatient Charges

See Comparative Outpatient Charges


These are only CDM prices, however. Do you want to get your accurate personalized estimate? 

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Complete List of General Hospital's Negotiated Charges

General Hospital is required by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide a complete list of payer-specific negotiated charges along with a list of 300 shoppable services and items. 

Please note that these payer-specific charges are irrelevant for the vast majority of patients and only reflect agreed upon rates between the hospital and insurance company.

To download a list of our negotiated charges, click here.

To download a full list of our 300 shoppable services, click here.

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“General Hospital's personalized and accurate patient estimator made it easy for me to understand my out-of-pocket costs and better budget for my health care”

John Smith
Happy General Hospital Patient

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