PMMC Net Revenue Modeling & CDM Review.

Predict how your chargemaster pricing adjustment will impact net revenue with a comprehensive chargemaster review. This data-driven approach starts with an assessment of your hospital's gross charge and net revenue goals.

PMMC's best-in-breed chargemaster software then processes historical claims, weighs different market factors, and analyzes charge codes to successfully predict your organization's new net revenue.

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Charge Code Rate Setting

Understanding the impact on gross and net revenue is vital to a thorough CDM rate setting project. Each hospital's unique case-mix, the practice patterns of its medical staff and the various payer contractual terms make it essential that charge code rate adjustments are modeled appropriately so an accurate net revenue impact is understood.

CDM Coding Review

New CDM procedure codes are constantly being developed and old codes are being eliminated. It is important to know the correct codes are being used. If you haven’t recently done a CDM coding analysis, you are likely receiving unnecessary denials due to the improper billing of codes. PMMC’s CDM Coding Review utilizes the latest coding guidelines and compares it to your CDM. This helps ensure you are billing the correct codes, minimizing denials.