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As the healthcare industry moves to a more patient centric approach, healthcare providers will need to adapt to this trend to meet the demands of today's patients and new price transparency regulations and legislation.

Now patients can get a quick and accurate estimate of their financial responsibility with self-service patient estimates. 

Step 1: Patient Selects a Service

Step 2: Patient Accepts Disclaimer 

Step 3: Patient Receives Estimate


Self-service patient estimates will empower your hospital to:

  • Migrate to a more patient-centric approach

  • Provide high-value information for patients with high-out-of-pocket (HAS/HDHP) plans

  • Take a proactive response to legislation that requires sharing price estimates with patients

  • Become a leader with pricing transparency for your community

  • Address the patient fear of the unknown with healthcare of ‘how much is this going to cost?’

  • Expand market share by publishing competitive pricing


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