PMMC Comparative Hospital Charge Analysis.

How do your hospital’s charges compare? As the Healthcare Industry pushes for transparency, hospital charges are receiving increased scrutiny. Not only do you have to reach the board’s financial goals, but now you have to be accountable to the public and the government.

Trying to balance these is difficult if you don’t have the right data.

Immediate Access
PMMC ONLINE ANALYTICS is a web-subscription service that provides immediate access to the benchmark data you need.  This comparative pricing tool offers the ability to compare your prices against local competitive hospitals, state, and national averages. In addition, it allows you to create a customized market with specific competitors, allowing you to compare your charges to your competitors.

Converts Data to Meaningful Information
PMMC ONLINE ANALYTICS provides built-in analytical tools and results. It is not just raw data. Through an intuitive point-and-click process, users can easily compare the results by hospital, service category, DRG, Room Rates, and CPT/HCPCS codes as well as including Medicare APC payment values.  In addition, the system provides market coding comparisons to easily identify services or procedures that are unique to your hospital or to other hospitals in your market.  All reports/data can be easily exported/downloaded with the formatting intact. 

Best Value
The system is delivered through an inexpensive subscription service, providing the best bottom-line value for the money.