PMMC Comparative Physician Charge Analysis.

Are you a Hospital that owns Physician Practices? Are you concerned about Physician pricing and wondering if your charges are higher or lower within your defined CMS locality? Do you need a fast and easy way to see the most current Physician Work and Total RVUs?

PMMC ONLINE ANALYTICS has a comparative physician data report that can answer these questions.  The Physician Data Report provides PMMC subscribers with the ability to generate a comparative pricing for physicians by: 

  • Physician Locality
  • Physician Specialty
  • Procedure Code
  • Procedure Code - Modifiers

The comparative pricing report provides an improved awareness of Physician pricing and frequency of service relative to the 'market'.

PMMC understands how vital timely data is to maintaining a competitive advantage. 
Knowing your market's price position for both hospital and physician services can influence consumer opinions, provide a means for defensible pricing and directly affect your bottom line.