PMMC Right-Pricer.

For Healthcare Finance Professionals, budget goals directly correlate to viable forecast of Net Revenue.  The budget cycle also supports larger goals related to transparency and a competitive pricing strategy.  For these executives, there are a several options such as an across-the-board increase/decrease, or no change; benchmark to align pricing objectives within an allowable range for a pricing adjustment, or use benchmarks plus charge modeling to detect price sensitivity within the case-mix against reimbursement arrangements.

Convenient and Accurate
PMMC RIGHT PRICER, a module of PMMC ONLINE ANALYTICS, is an online tool service that helps you determine the right price to charge for a HCPC/CPT® code based on multiple benchmark criteria. Utilizing your CDM, the tool provides the ability to set benchmark pricing using criteria such as customized markets of comparative hospitals, Medicare reimbursement, or Cost.  Once the various criteria are established, RIGHT PRICER computes the results. 

Simply, upload your hospital CDM, set your benchmarks and begin generating reports that will assist you in maximizing your Charge Master Pricing while maintaining defensible charges