PMMC Underpayment Recovery Services.

Collect more revenue from third-party underpaid and denied claims with PMMC's proprietary hospital contract management software and team of experienced, revenue cycle audit experts. This full retrospective review of denials, underpayments, and non-payments provides valuable insight into your healthcare organization's payer trends so you can improve internal processes.

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PMMC provides a contingency-based service that identifies and collections contractual underpayments. 

Lost Revenue Assessment
Correcting the various underpayment mistakes requires an in-depth analysis of all services according to the complex terms of today's health care contracts. Utilizing a balanced approach of proprietary contract management software and experienced managed care auditors, PMMC identifies missing money from inaccurately paid claims.  This retrospective review incorporates innovative discovery methods, team experience and established payer relationships. 

Capture All Net Revenue
PMMC delivers the ultimate contractual underpayment assessment by building your contract calculation models and importing your claims data.  This assures a quality assessment of existing payer audit systems and processes.  In addition to collecting the identified underpayments, PMMC’s review reveals error issues and process improvement opportunities so you avoid future underpayment losses. 

Revenue Recovery Specialists
As a contingency-based review, PMMC’s efforts are result-oriented.  Staff members have unparalleled experience in patient account administration, managed care contracting, coding and government reimbursement.  

Revenue Safety-Net Review 
Engaging PMMC for a retrospective recovery review assures accurate payment for all services.  PMMC provides a thorough review of past claims for billing and coding inconsistencies.  As a safety-net review, PMMC not only audits behind your process but also communicates identified trends so you can adjust your processes for even more timely and accurate internal audits.  This can have a significant impact to cash-flow and the bottom-line.