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How to Negotiate with Payers - The Four Key Components of Contracting

In a value-based care world where reimbursement models continue to change, providers may be unsure about how to approach the contract negotiation process. This Thought Leadership Webinar featuring PMMC and The MetroHealth System reviews four key components of successful contract negotiations: knowing your current contract composition, benchmarking contract performance, establishing expectations for negotiations, and strategizing your proactive contract negotiation.

One - Know your Contract Composition

Two - Benchmark Contract Performance

Three - Establish Your Expectations

Four - Strategize Your Proactive Negotiation


Navigating Price Transparency Requirements

Healthcare providers are facing increasing pressure from both state legislation and their communities to be more transparent with prices.

In this interactive webinar, the forward-thinking MetroHealth System (Cleveland, Ohio) shares how they embrace price transparency requirements by providing online estimates for its patients.

Section 1 - Pros & Cons of Price Transparency Strategies

Section 2 - Price Transparency in Ohio

Section 3 - Offering Patients a Self-Service Cost Estimate Tool

Section 4 - Conclusion & Results

Informational Graphics / Representations

Positive Outcomes from CJR Infographic